Yerf-Dog ATV Extreme #23100
150cc 4-stroke engine
Full suspension for top performance
1yr engine limited warranty
Maximum speed 45mph
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Yerf-Dog ATV Extreme #23100
150cc 4-stroke engine Air cooled, reliable power source
Torque converter Consistent smooth drive, no manual shifting
Full suspension Front & back shocks improve ride & handling
2.1 gallon tank + reserve Cover the distance and have extra .5-gallon reserve
Super knobby tire tread Better tires for better traction and stability
Maximum Speed 45mph Power for fun and limited for safety
Comfort & Convenience
Electric start on/off switch Easy, convenient access for immediate engine control
31" Seat height Tall enough to see ahead, low enough for control
Toll free tech support Available 5 days a week to answer questions and ship parts
1yr engine limited warranty Peace of mind coverage
Safety and Security
Front drum & rear disk brakes Safe, reliable system for excellent stopping power
Dual headlights Lights up terrain and adds to ATV visibility
Tire measurements Solid traction tubeless tires: rear 21 x 10-8, front 21 x 7-10
Vehicle measurements Sturdy H63.5"xW40"xL40" at 339lbs* (fits in pick-up truck)
Carton measurements Triple corrugated wall H40.5"xW41"xL64.5"
Recommended use age 16+ Always ride off-road with a helmet and parental supervision
Max. passengers weight 150lbs For safety, limit total passenger weight to 150lbs
Requires some assembly Review owner's manual and call 888.926.6554