Yerf-Dog Go-Kart #32093/42093
7.8 HP, 150cc motorcycle engine power
Cockpit Seat pads for style & comfort
Full suspension for top performance
Rack and Pinion steering precision
1yr engine limited warranty
Made in USA
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Yerf-Dog Go-Kart #32093 / 42093
7.8 HP, 150cc 4-stroke engine Delivers extreme performance and torque
Rack and Pinion Steering For ultimate steering control and cornering
Continuous Variable Transmission Quick response and no manual shifting
Full suspension Front & back shocks improve ride & handling
Spider box frame geometry Superior design for stability, comfort and longevity
Super Turf-tec tire tread All-terrain tires for better traction and cornering
12 Volt Electrical System Reliable, powerful starting and running lights
Maximum Speed 35mph Power for fun and limited for safety
Made in USA Quality product and family jobs
Comfort & Convenience
Glossy powder coat finish paint Low maintenance, even coverage and durable wear
Electric push button start/off switch Easy, convenient access for immediate engine control
Cockpit design seating Single bucket seats with two-passenger capacity
Padded seat covers Custom cross-stitch padding for style & comfort
Adjustable seat and shocks Custom adjustments for comfort and handling
Cargo storage rack Convenient and safe storage area
Toll free tech support Available 5 days a week to answer questions and ship parts
1yr engine limited warranty Peace of mind coverage
Safety and Security
Single hydraulic disc brake Superior stopping power
1-1/4" Heavy duty steel Rugged, reinforced construction for long life
3-point safety restraints Comfortable and safe seat belt system
Meets ASTM and AFKA Critical industry standards for safety and performance
Padded Brush Guard Added passenger safety from bushes and branches
  Dual headlights Lights up terrain and adds to vehicle visibility
Tire measurements Solid traction rear tires 20x10-8, front tires 15x6-6
Vehicle measurements Sturdy H58"xW47"xL91"at 407lbs (*fits in pick-up)
Carton measurements Triple corrugated H44"xW51"xL93 at 523lbs*
Recommended use age 16 and over Always ride off-road with a helmet and parental supervision
Max. passengers weight 250lbs For safety, limit total passenger weight to 250lbs
Requires some assembly Review owner's manual and call 888.926.6554